Being UU at Home 7 Principles Gallery

This gallery presents some visual representations of the 7 Principles shared by the GUUF community in response to Being UU at Home Lesson 2: The 7 Principles Made Visual. Read the captions beneath each picture to learn more about the images and the people who shared them.

A multicolored wind chime, provided by the Sullivans
“Even though we didn’t have time to do an art project, we decided our multicolored wind chime represented the 7 principles for us. One of our favorite principles is the ‘free and responsible search for truth and meaning’ because we felt it encouraged us to think for ourselves and to never stop learning and growing.” – The Sullivans
Personalized list of the 7 Principles by the Funderburks
“We wrote our own simplified version of the 7 Principles to display in our kitchen. We were inspired by the ‘rainbow promises’ used in Spirit Play” – The Funderburks
"My 7 Principles" accordion-fold booklet, shared by Jim Hennigan
“My 7 Principles” accordion-fold booklet, shared by Jim Hennigan. Find your own copy here.

“For the Seven Principles, there are several different versions of them that we use in Spirit Play. (BTW, I love the fact that there’s no one specific adaptation that’s correct – which means there’s no obligation to memorize them. Rather, the children remember the concepts in their own words). I happen to like this version [click here to see] because it uses the rainbow as a mnemonic device, with each principle (or Promise) beginning with a word that the corresponding color begins with – so the first color is red and the first Promise word is Respect.

“There’s also a 4″ x 4” accordion-fold booklet called ‘My 7 Principles’ [pictured above] that you can fold or open up and display on a wall that offers a simplified version which may be more suitable for humans (compared to the actual 7 Principles which are part of the UUA by-laws and act as a covenant among all the UUA congregations).” -Jim Hennigan

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