Being UU at Home Household Covenant Gallery

This gallery presents the household covenants shared by the GUUF community in response to Being UU at Home Lesson 4: Creating a Household Covenant. Read the captions beneath each picture to learn more about the covenants and the people who shared them.

The Funderburk Family covenant. It reads: "In this family, we treat everyone with kindness, including animals; we listen to each other; we tell the truth; we use kind words and voices; we take deep breaths and think before we speak or act; we knw when to take a rest; we respect each other's bodies and personal space; we clean up our own messes; we help each other and ask for help when we need it; we are mindful of each other's safety, and challenge each other when the time is right." The covenant is signed by "David," "Heather," and "Finn."
The Funderburk Family covenant. “We started with the question, ‘What promises do we need to make to each other to feel supported by one another?’ Just the process of sitting down and crafting this list, focusing on getting the wording right so we were all comfortable with it, was a surprisingly calming and nurturing experience. It disrupted our normal routine and forced us to really home in on what we need from each other.” – The Funderburks
A text image which reads: "A Covenant for My Self - I promise to myself…To take responsibility for the things I can control; To let go of the things I cannot control; To be clear about my own boundaries and respect them; To ask for help when I need help; To rest when I need to rest; To take care of my body every day; To find ways to be creative every day; To practice mindfulness every day; And to forgive myself when I make mistakes or fall short of my goals.
“A Covenant for My Self,” submitted anonymously.

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