Being UU at Home Wisdom Library Gallery

This gallery is for images of home wisdom libraries shared by the GUUF community in response to Being UU at Home Lesson 6: Building a Wisdom Library. Read the captions beneath each picture to learn more about the altars and the people who shared them.

Three tall book shelves, full of books, shared by Nicole Sikora Heschong
“The sources/wisdom library may be where my family is strongest in the “Being UU at Home.” We incorporate a lot of books into our home life, and use many for reference and exploration — the adults and the kids! This is one of the set of shelves of our wisdom library as it came together after my move earlier this year” – Nicole Sikora Heschong
Two shelves, full of books on spiritual and social justice topics, shared by Nicole Sikora Heschong.
“And here is one of the shelves dedicated to spiritual seeking (lower shelf), along with some of the social justice sources (above it) which includes some of my dad’s books from his college days.” – Nicole Sikora Heschong

“Coming from a Methodist background, I still find the stories of Jesus to be beautiful and a major source. Though much of my reading tends to be for pleasure and escape, I also read An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor fairly recently. I felt like it was a beautiful take on how to find the holy in everyday life.” – Lisa Byrd Lipscomb

A single shelf of books, including books on spirituality, philosophy, ecology, and education, shared by David Funderburk. Above the shelve are photographs of family members.
“The books on this shelf were scattered around my house before I gathered them together for this lesson. They include both books that have inspired my spiritual development since I was very young and also books that I am currently discovering, that are inspiring my to grow as an individual. They touch upon my relationship with myself, my community, the web of life, and mystery. I decided to gather them underneath some photos of my parents and my son, because they are also a continuous source of wisdom in my life.” – David Funderburk

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